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Episode 9 - Centralising or Decentralising?


This episode is a discussion of centralisation and decentralisation in Ireland. Over the past 40 years in Ireland, there has been a steady decline in the power and authority given to local authorities and greater emphasis on centralised authority based in the Cabinet. At the same time, the famous decentralisation strategy of the early 2000s was supposed to create more equity between the regions. Ben and Jack discuss this in detail and do a quick overview of the recent report of the Banking Inquiry report and indulge in a little 2016 election results speculation. 

One thing to note is the audio for this episode requires everyone to turn up the volume, we apologise for any inconvenience caused! We have fixed this issue for future episodes. 


The Irish Financial Regulator during the Celtic Tiger was Patrick Neary not Patrick Nevin as mentioned in the podcast. Apologies to any persons named Patrick Nevin.

Show Notes:

Colm McCarthy quotes are the article ‘When Irish Eyes are Crying’ by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair


Banking Inquiry Report link


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