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Episode 18 - Early 2016 Census Results and the Urban-Rural Divide


This episode is a discussion of the preliminary results of the 2016 Irish Census and the wider issue of the Urban-Rural divide.

In other news we are planning on creating a data-model looking at the urban and rural divide. In addition we are particularly interested in the average constituency or series of constituencies that track the national average in referendum campaigns. To any of our listeners who have data that could be useful to this study please get in touch by email or on Twitter. Prior to 1981, the election data is sparse and as a result any excel sheets or old papers listening tallies from old elections would be very helpful! 

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Twitter: @spoilyourreign


Episode 17 - Post-Brexit Ireland, the North & the ECB


This episode is a discussion of the current political landscape post-Brexit. We discuss the fallout in Ireland, the potential impact on Northern Ireland and the recent decision by the ECB to demand higher scrutiny of Irish legislation passed by the Oireachtas. 

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